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Stand up paddle boarding is becoming a very popular pastime.

paddle board - samui-windsurfIt was originally called "beach boy surfing", named after the famous Waikiki beach boys, who combined their outrigger canoe paddling skills with their surfing skills.

Stand up paddle surfing (SUP) begins on flat water, where you can get your balance on the oversized boards.

Stand-up boards are larger and more stable than surfing longboards, which makes them more stable. The boards are ridden standing up, so some initial balance is required.

The rider uses a long shafted paddle for propulsion and steering. There are different strokes you learn to help you turn, and to make you go. (Steering is more about paddle-work in the beginning).

Standup has grown into a worldwide phenomenon. It has become many things to different people; a recreational pastime, a competitive sport and a great way to get a core workout.

Standup has become popular on lakes and rivers. It has great appeal for wave surfers. and many devotees participate in long distance events, traveling between the islands (crossings), touring along coastlines, or exploring bays and inlets.

The great appeal about standup paddle surfing is that no  previous experience is required, and you do not have to be super fit to give it a try.

It is much less demanding than regular surfing. Therefore it appeals to all ages, young and old. This makes it a great activity that families can share and do together


Once you have your balance, this is a very pleasant way to tour the ocean, and to explore the reefs.

Just cruise and relax, or pick up the pace for an isometric workout for your core muscles.

Standup paddle surfing is a great way to get fit without having to working out. It is a way of exercising without even realizing it, just have fun.

When you are on the board the constant motion engages hundreds of small muscles from the soles of your feet into your legs and core midsection.

They all come alive through the process of balancing an stabilization. Zero impact and zero impact on knees and ankle the joints.

Paddling involves the shoulders, arms, chest and back. Go at your own pace, rest whenever you like, slow or fast, its up to you. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can try to catch some small waves. Maui has some gentle surf that is easy to ride. Most people will be fully satisfied (and exhausted) after their SUP session.

We supply all the beginner equipment, and a variety of sizes to accommodate different people sizes. Bigger folks will need more floatation (please let us know if you are over 220lbs). Advanced sup-surfers can rent from a wide selection of differing board sizes and types.

SUP Stand Up PaddleBoard Group Sessions:

stand-up-paddle-board-samui-windsurfGroup Sessions start at our regular times at our samuiLocation 7 days a week. Every standup session begins with a brief land lesson to discuss technique, safety and theory, we practice some of the skills you will need later in the water.

Then we begin the water part of the lesson close to shore on the flat water. We cover topics of surf sense, ocean awareness, board handling, and our float plan. In the near shore area we practice board handling steering and power strokes until you get comfortable with the basics, balance and steering.

After the basics have been covered we move out a little further to explore our ride area and interact with the ocean.

Each Standup Group class is small and personal and has people of a similar skill level. Each individual student receives plenty of attention from the instructors. We go at each individual's pace, slow and steady, or as fast as you can assimilate the information. There is much to learn, and we can cover beginners basics or more advanced skills for those students with some previous experience.

stand-up-paddle-board-samui SUP Stand Up PaddleBoard Private Sessions:

Every level of standup student can be taught in our private lessons. We give you your very own instructor/guide for the duration.  Private sessions are best when learning any of the specialized skills, or when going on SUPfaris to other locations, and downwinders and coast runs.

Another option is the Semi-private lessons which are  available for couples etc. We have several different locations available depending on the daily wave and wind conditions. Call ahead for our forecast and we can help you catch the best conditions. Just let us know what you want and we can tailor the lesson to you.

We also offer Semi-private sessions for couples or pairs. If you have some intermediate skills already, and want  to get a little more serious. or whether you want to try some bigger waves, the private session is for you.

We also do private family groups and coaching. Your very own instructor just for your self or your group. Private sessions can adjusted to fit your schedule, and your needs.

stand-up-paddle-board-samui SUP Stand Up PaddleBoard Beginner Group Lessons:

Our regular Beginner Group SUP Lessons are held daily samui.

Check out our driving directions on our Maps Page. Call ahead for availability. there are certain restrictions on available dates and times. Lessons usually start at 10 am . All lessons are by appointment and must be pre-booked.  Minimum age for adult group classes is 8 years old. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Children's lessons available for kids 8 years and up. All students must be able to swim. Life jackets available for weak swimmers (please ask ahead of time). Please come to your  lessons rested, fueled and energized. and be ready for a great new water sports experience.

Beginner Stand-up surfing Lessons in samui Thailand

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding - What's your level?

Stand Up Paddling is a lot of fun. Learn about safety, etiquette, and the core techniques. Start out in the flat water, get your balance and off you go. Groups are small and personal. Or you can have a private or semi-private lesson. Customized lessons allow you to choose the start times, and lesson length. Some fitter people may want a longer session, no problem.

INTERMEDIATE: SUP in the waves, start small and get some longer rides. At this level we are working on timing and turning. The wave does all the work, if you know how to find the sweet spot. We have multi day classes that can span you whole vacation, or be your regular weekend activity. With some practice you will be catching on before you know it. We provide all the equipment. Lessons seven days a week, year round. Lesson start times are usually 10 am.

ADVANCED: Advanced SUP surfing sessions are also held on the North Shore weather permitting. All lessons are strictly by appointment. All private lessons taught a private or semi private. Weather conditions vary. Call ahead and we can schedule according to the best conditions.

Children must be accompanied by an adult (onshore). Children's lessons available for kids 8 years and up. Please let us know if you have any medical condition or physical/mental disabilities that may be a concern during a water activity. For more information

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stand up paddle board sup surf samui thailand

You can keep the paddle at your resort, house,...Délivery free for rental period > 3 days

stand up paddle board in samui thailand

stand up paddle board thailand


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