Rent a SUP - Paddleboard
and Keep it for your stay

During your holidays learn and enjoy paddleboard a your convenience...

You can rent a paddleboard and keep at your own place, we organise the delivery..

you can discover the samui coasts with our paddleboard at your will..

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Samui Paddleboard

Windsurf - Paddleboard - Monofin - Sup Yoga
Lamai beach - lipanoi beach -Bang kao beach

( windsurf lesson ) Marco: +66 (0) 929 861 003

( paddleboard lesson ) Wilfrid: +66 (0) 804 098 079

: Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

If we are on the water : send SMS or email

Rent a SUP paddleboard and keep it with you

Rent a SUP paddleboard and keep it with you

During your holidays you can rent a sup paddle board and keep it a your resort or hotel.

so you can en joy and practice a your convenience... .

Use your paddle wherever and whenever you want

You will enjoy paddling around koh samui

Free delivery over 3 days sup renting...

Different kinds of paddleboards samui

Keep a sup for your stay

Price : with life jacket , Paddle and leashe

1 day : 1000 thb

1 week : 5000 thb

3 weeks : 12 000thb

Delivery :1000 thb but free over 3 Days rental ...

Half hour initiation free

Passeport copy or caution neeeded

Sup paddleboard initiation

SUP initiation

Learn basics of paddleboard and safety tricks

1 hour of initiation half hour free time..

Price : 1000 thb

Paddleboard initiation places :

lamai beach ( zara beach resort )

lipanoi beach ( lipa lovely beach resort )

Additional Pick up available ...


Our center in thailand propose Stand Up Paddle Board activities on the island of KOH SAMUI

Are you surprised by the popularity in stand up paddle boards (SUP)?

A little big of history is that these boards were used by a lot by surf instructors in the 40’s and 50’s to take pictures of their students on them.

when the popularity of the stand up paddle board blew up. You can even see pro surfers like Laird Hamilton still using the SUP just for fun.

Stand up paddle boarding remains a popular way to have fun in the water because unlike other paddle boarding methods, you don’t need big waves

to use one. You can use them in lakes and rivers just as well as in the ocean. They are still great surfing training tools as well. The novice can continue to enjoy the water along with their surfing buddies.

One size does not fit all with a paddle board. Just like when picking out a surfboard it comes down to your exprience level. Wider boards suit the beginner while thinner boards may work well for the experienced surfer. The same holds true for the length of the board. A shorter length can provide more stability while a longer length is better for paddling and gliding.

Overall,for beginners and training purposes, stick to a wider board with a good length to provide stability. Most of all, have fun with stand up paddle boards. Their popularity won’t be fading any time soon!

with us You can rent a paddleboard and keep at your own place, we organise the delivery..

you and your children can learn windsurf on the same board use for paddleboard.....

you can discover the samui beaches with our paddleboard trips and downwind