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Windsurf lessons

For adults and childrens . all levels in koh samui

During your holidays learn and enjoy windsurf on the beautiful beach of koh samui...

Windsurfing is an autonomous sport. That means you are the one who is responsible for ensuring that you get back each time you head out. With that in mind, below are a few thoughts to help you sail safely

The two single most important factors in windsurfing safety, which should apply pretty much whenever you go windsurfing: Avoid offshore winds Sail with other people

Coconut Beach Resort - lamai beach

Start from lamai beach we organise sup trip, paddleboard initiation and windsurf lessons

The coconut Resort is located on the peaceful, soft sands of lamai Beach, Koh Samui’s Est coast. Famous for providing views of the island’s most breathtaking sunsets. Unspoiled natural beauty and the friendly atmosphere of old Samui.

The coconut Beach Resort is a place to relax and see how the island of Koh Samui used to be.

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Lamai beach - lipanoi beach -Bang kao beach

( windsurf lesson ) Marco: +66 (0) 929 861 003

( paddleboard lesson ) Wilfrid: +66 (0) 804 098 079

: Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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If we are on the water : send SMS or email

Lessons for beginners

Initiation and basics of windsurf , just enough to have fun .

Price : 1500 thb for 1 hour lesson and half hour of free sailing under survey of our trainer

Pack 5 hours : 5000 thb
you can use at your convenience like 1 hour/day ...

Usually the windsurf lessons take place :
on lamai beach at Zara resort beach lamai on the west coast of samui

or on lipanoi beach at lipalovely beach resort on the Est coast of samui

we can also organise windsurf lessons at your place

Intermediate level

Training with footstrap and harness

Our trainers are all experienced

Price : 1800 thb for 1 hour lesson

Usually the windsurf lessons take place :
on lamai beach at Zara resort beach lamai on the west coast of samui

or on lipanoi beach at lipalovely beach resort on the Est coast of samui

we can also organise windsurf lessons at your place

Additional Pick up available ...

Advanced windsurf

A good way to learn water start or jibe.

Price : 2000 thb for 1 hour lesson

Usually the windsurf lessons take place :
on lamai beach at Zara resort beach lamai on the west coast of samui

or on lipanoi beach at lipalovely beach resort on the Est coast of samui

we can also organise windsurf lessons at your place

Additional Pick up available ...

Windsurf lessons on KOH SAMUI - THAILAND

Windsurfing is a popular water sport that is done by amateurs and professionals alike. To do it, you sail a surf board over the water by using your body weight to push or pull a sail, and setting your course to catch both waves and wind

The benefits for practicing windsurf

Mental Benefits: There’s nothing quite like being on the water beneath the sun on a beautiful, warm day! people benefit greatly from exercising outdoors versus a gym. If you’re out on a sunny day, you’ll also soak up some Vitamin D, which is known to combat depression. Just make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen

Strengthen Core: Windsurfing works your core muscles as you balance on the board. You use your entire body to maneuver the sail rigging and steer, so you work your arms, back and legs as you sail. The constant adjustment of balance to your core ensures that it’s constantly engaged and working!.

Cardiovascular: The body consists of many muscle groups, and in order to use them they need to be provided with a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients via the bood stream. For this reason, large muscle groups likethe back and legs require the heart to pump faster when they are being used more extensively. Windsurfing is an amazing cardiovascular exercise because it requires the use of several of your bodies major muscle groups

Increased Cardiovascular Endurance: The more you windsurf, the better your cardio endurance becomes because of how steadily active you are when you partake in this sport. Because your heart is providing blood to all of these muscle groups, it’s a serious workout for your heart. The best part about this is that as your cardiovascular fitness increases, you will be able to windsurf for a longer period of time!.

Even Beginners get a Great Workout: As a beginner, you’ll probably spend most of your time learning how to stand on the board of the windsurf. This involves using your leg muscles to balance on the board while employing your shoulders, forearms and lower back to control the force of the sail. Novices might spend half their time in the water, but this is all part of a workout. Falling off the board means you are constantly pulling yourself out of the water which works your arms and increases your calorie output.

Burn ALOT of Calories: Expert windsurfers burn up to 1000 calories per hour, and recreational windsurfers burn around 500 calories an hour.

with samui windsurf You can initiate or improve your windsurf level...

windsurf lesson in koh samui thailand

windsurf in koh samui thailand


Our center in thailand propose windsurf / Paddle Board activities on the island of KOH SAMUI

we propose you différents options from renting a windsurf board to winsurfing lessons

Courses range from beginners to advanced Funboard. (Learning waterstart, jibe and other figures)..

Windsurf Beginners lessons samui Thailand

Getting a good start in windsurfing is essential to your success.

We only sail when the weather conditions are suitable. In the lesson we give you specialized beginner's boards that are strong and stable. Our instructors then select a sail for each individual student. The size of the sail should be matched to each individual based on their height, weight and strength. This is a very important step to ensure your maximum enjoyment.

Once you have your equipment, we show you how to put it together.

This comes in handy if you want to rent equipment at a later time or you are buying your own. The rigging process is an important part of windsurfing and its easy when we show you how., next we start on the sand for a short theory lesson, we explain where to sail, how the wind works and what to look out for.

We show you how to align your board to the wind, how to pull up the sail without straining your back, turning techniques and sailing and steering techniques.

Then we take you onto the water. Using a correct launching technique and our instructors get into the water with you to help you apply the techniques you have learned. We don't go too far from shore, and we concentrate on giving you a reliable technique that will give you confidence in the water.

Our instructors start by holding your boards in the shallow water as you get going, giving you constant feedback and encouragement, then as you progress a little further from shore, our Instructors show you more advanced skills.

Our beginner lesson shows you many of the basic windsurfing techniques. Our methods ensure the maximum enjoyment from every lesson which will keep you hungry for more. After the lesson you can easily upgrade to the three-day course

Windsurf Advanced Beginners lessons samui Thailand

Several of the techniques that we can cover include:

Wind-basics, balance-basics, self-launching, rope-start, rope-turns, mast-turns, tacking, fast-tack, basic jibe, beach starts, upwind sailing.

After this course you should be confident enough to rent beginners equipment and practice on your own.

The "Funboard Basics" windsurf class includes two hours of instruction on floaty transition boards, or shorter bump & jump type gear.

This course is great for people with longboard experience who want to get into sailing stronger winds on smaller gear. Allow yourself a few extra days to accommodate variable weather conditions.

In this class we cover; Short-board Basics, Board trim, beach-starts, waterstart tips, how to use the harness, getting into the footstraps, and how to do some basic short-board turns and maybe some basic intro to some jibing. This course can also be a great refresher class for people just getting back into the sport after an extended absence.